Technical Introduction

Design Philosophy

Issi designs a total high value-added manufacturing process.

In addition to highly precise products, Issi designs a whole new manufacturing process created by a design based on an original database cultivated from abundant results from advanced computerized analysis and built-in technologies with 80 years of history.

Design Philosophy

Computer Aided Engineering

At Issi, we utilize computer technology and perform CAE analysis to inspect performance, product design validity, and process design efficiency, in advance.
In this way, we can reduce time, cost, and risk for development while creating effective feedback for the next design.

Analysis item by CAE

  • Design review
  • Inspection of molding process validity
  • Inspection of distortion and stress distribution in products
  • Inspection of die burden stress

Advantageous CAE analysis

  • Shortened development period
  • Reduced development cost
  • Minimization of development risk
  • Design feedback