Product Introduction

Fasteners, Nuts, Bolts

Standard Nuts

  • nut01Lock nut
  • nut02Nylon nut
  • nut03Cap nut
  • nut04Flanged nut / Lock nut (free spring lock nut with serrated flange)
  • nut05Castle nut
  • nut06Step nut
  • nut07Step flange nut
  • nut08Round weld nut
  • nut09Hexagon weld nut
  • nut10Hexagon flange weld nut
  • nut11Square weld nut
  • nut12Locking weld nut

Exclusive nut and bolt

  • nut13Nylon nut for construction equipment
  • nut14Wheel nut
  • nut15 nut16Exclusive nut for drive systems
  • nut20Plug for steering
  • nut17Exclusive nut for chassis
  • nut18 nut19Exclusive weld nut for chassis
  • nut21Exclusive bolt for engines
  • nut22Exclusive nut for engines