Product Introduction

Examples of Development Product Applications

Examples of Issi-Developed Product Adoption

adoptionex06aadoptionex06bProduct name: Coupling
Purpose: For variable valve engines
Special feature:Molding square hole (with no cutting). Removal of distortion by carburizing and quenching.

adoptionex07aadoptionex07badoptionex07cProduct name: Bolt Lock, ACR ADJ
Purpose: for variable valve engines
Special feature: Perpendicularity between the end face and screw surface. Guaranteed 100% screw accuracy.

adoptionex08Product name: Core solenoid, Solenoid cover
Purpose: Solenoid valve parts for AT
Special feature: Thin cold forging and high-precision turning of electromagnetic soft iron. Ensures electrical characteristics.

adoptionex09Product name: Cap Rack Guide
Purpose: Plug for EPS housing
Special features: Weight reduction (abolition of jam nut). Guarantee torque loosening by 3 point caulking, and total cost reduction.

adoptionex10aadoptionex10bProduct name: Valve Body
Purpose: Power steering
Special features: Serrated bore with less processing. Reduces cost by extending the life of the cold forging mold.

adoptionex11Product name: Extension shaft
Purpose: Steering joint
Special features: Forging of varying asymmetric shapes with a parts former. Guaranteed torsional strength and inner and outer diameter tolerance.

adoptionex12aadoptionex12bProduct name: Off-set weld bolt
Purpose: For torque converters
Special features: Forging of varying asymmetric shapes with a parts former. Ensures the accuracy of screws (perpendicularity).Off-set bearing surface machining.

adoptionex13Product name: Bottle Plunger
Purpose: Lash adjuster parts for direct-injection engines.
Special features: Molding bottle shape with a parts former. Reduces cost by the abolition of sheet surface wrapping.

adoptionex14aadoptionex14bProduct name: Blizzard pipe
Purpose: Blizzard pipe for manual transmissions.
Special features: 3D bracket formation. Ensures the fastening strength of the bracket and plug, and press-fitting ofplugs and pipes.

Other development adoption products

adoptionex15Drive shaft for tools

adoptionex16Drive Gear for tools